Frameless Type:


Our Flux Chroma is already ready for fish tank that are frameless, you can input your dimensions of your aquarium and checkout as per normal there is no need for any additional customization.



HOB/Lily Pipes:


This option when selected are for aquariums that has hang on back filters or lily pipes attached to the aquarium's back glass. After you've placed an order with us, please kindly reach out to us via live chat on the dimensions of the cutting required to allow for your HOB/Lily Pipes. If we do note receive your specifications within one working day, we'll reach out to you via email regarding your aquarium specifications.



Covered Hoods/Lid Type:


This option is suitable for aquarium tanks that has a covered top such as a lid or hood. The Flux Chroma will be shipped WITHOUT the clippers/hangers attached, but will be provided together.


**Refer to the example below of the solution on how you can install.

The back of your aquarium has to be leaning towards a flat wall/support with a minimum distance of 46mm (4.6cm) and maximum distance of 110mm (11cm) away from your aquarium tank.



When purchasing please select the option "Hood/Lid", add to cart and checkout as per normal. To avoid any delay in processing, once you've received your order number please inform our live support or email us at with the distance between your aquarium to your flat wall/support.


If you do not contact us within 24 hours, our support team will reach out to you regarding the distance. Please ensure that you whitelist our email



Other Available Customization:


  • You are able to have the background light front film to be entirely white, blue gradient or both with a primary one attached to your background light (Additional fee of $6 applied) for both Chroma & Competition Edition. Kindly inform our customer support with your order number and your preference once you have made your purchase.


  • You are able to customize the clippers/hangers to be certain distance away from the left and right side of the background light to accomodate any obstruction in your aquarium/lighting/bracing. Kindly inform our customer support with your order number and your measurements once you have made your purchase.