About Us

FluxAqua transforms what innovation means for our aquarium hobby.

We truly care. Infact, we build communities to inspire.

Let's be honest; the aquarium hobby is not for the faint of heart, especially for new hobbyists.

With various and excess misleading information with little to no help, FluxAqua strives to make it easier for all aquarium hobbyists.

We were founded in 2021 by two passionate individuals to bring change and provide the right shopping experience. We're now dreaming bigger, to shape the slow innovation by delivering quality products, creating a space for encouragement with positivity and changing the way we think about how we approach our boxed ecosystem to help our animals thrive with the perfect conditions. We encourage you to be a part of our new normal and lead the way together with us as one.

Created together with Mark Jan, we hope to create space for everyone with the right community to better enhance each other experiences.

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Goal Statement

Only the best for our customers and hobbyists. We introduce beneficial goals and continuously create opportunities to improve by providing excellent support and reliable information to help your journey. With us, you are our top priority.

Disrupting a dated industry

We're sick of unreliable, confusing selections and gimmicky products. We strive to provide a one-stop solution to provide products that we've used and know that works for you too. You'll not see conflicting products but one of each and only the best selection we have chosen for you.

Crafting a new experience

We started an online-only store to reduce our cost to bring affordability and transform your experience as a whole. We're always set on innovating and creating new experiences that enhance your aquarium for the better.